COVID measures 

Prior to the assessment

I'll offer a free brief Zoom session so that the person being assessed/family can meet me. I'll also give you as much notice as possible if anyone in my home's ill so that the appointment can be rebooked.

I ask that you inform me whether anyone in your household has or could have COVID as the appointment will need to be rebooked. The 'important information' document (sent with the questionnaires) needs to be reread. 

On the day of the assessment

I'll open the front door and, after a brief conversation on the doorstep, let in the person who's being assessed though parents are welcome to pop in for a moment to see where the assessment is taking place. I'll keep internal doors open to help venilation.

I ask that, if a parent/carer, you stay in either your car or in my garden during the assessment. We have a garden nook with seating that's under cover if it's too wet to sit on the patio and an outdoor insulated cabin with a comfy sofa and heating. See photos below. Alternatively, you're welcome to drop off your child and come back 2 hours later. The assessment takes place in my dining room at the front of my house. Your child will be offered a break halfway through when they can join you if you're outside.

After the assessment

I'll give immediate verbal feedback. For parents, this can be in person (in my dining room, garden, by your car or on my doorstep) or later on in the day (over a phone call or in a brief email). I'll also tell you if anyone living in my house contracts symptoms of COVID within 14 days of the assessment. I ask that you do the same.

The photos below may be helpful for you / your child to see where the assessment takes place.