Services and fees


I understand that assessments can feel really daunting, especially if they're being conducted by someone unfamiliar. Therefore, once an appointment has been booked, the person being assessed has the opportunity to have a quick Zoom session with me to say "hello", (i.e. 5-10 minutes). This would be booked for around one week before the assessment takes place.

DIAGNOSTIC ASSESSMENTS - £575 (including a £75 non-refundable deposit paid at the time of booking). There's a slight reduction when booking 2 assessments or when I've already assessed someone in the same household.

A full diagnostic assessment usually takes around 2 hours followed by immediate verbal feedback so that I can explain my conclusion. I strive to make the assessment feel really relaxed but I don't make it longer than it needs to be because otherwise fatigue can set in. Several of the kind testimonials from clients which can be found HERE refer to how much I pick up within a 2 hour assessment including other learning needs and conditions that might warrant assessments with other types of professionals. Having a private assessment does not guarantee being given a diagnosis; it may instead result in a profile of strengths and challenges without a 'label' attached. Regardless of a formal diagnosis being made, a detailed but very practical report will be sent within 14 days which can be shared with schools, colleges, universities, employers, etc. There is no additional fee for referral letters (e.g. ADHD, speech and language) and 'form 8's when working with schools for GCSE and A' level exam access arrangements. Adults can choose to pay an extra £50 for an executive summary that takes out the personal information from the report.


For schools and colleges:

I regularly work with SENCos to assess students in year 9 and above for exam access arrangements, whether this is part of a privately-commissioned full diagnostic assessment where the school/college would like to use the results from my report or when I'm asked to come in to assess cohorts of students, such as year 10s. Form 8s are completed with the results of age-appropriate standardised tests and returned within 48 hours. With notice, I can travel anywhere in the UK if face-to-face is preferred although the testing can also be done over Zoom. SENCos, please contact me regarding my rate. I can provide a copy of my current SpLD APC and enhanced DBS certificates. Payment is asked for within 30 days of the invoice date.

For students and families:

Exam access arrangements refer to the type of help which students may benefit from in exams, such as extra time. Such arrangements must reflect students' normal way of working and therefore schools and colleges take the lead in determining if any help is needed. If you think your chld needs help in exams, you must talk to the SENCo in the first instance. Having a formal diagnosis of a specific learning difficulty or other need does not provide automatic right to exam access arrangements. 

In the vast majority of cases for GCSE and A' level exams, short assessments are handled in-house from year 9 onwards. If this is not possible, the school is likely to have an established working relationship with external educational psychologists and specialist teacher assessors, and can advise families who to approach whilst following the regulations set by JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications). However, if the school might like to use the scores from my diagnostic reports, I'm always happy to forge new links with schools/colleges if they would like to work with me but parents must speak to the school about this.

Professional exams:

I often see candidates taking professional exams, such as the ICAEW, UK legal qualifications, US state bar exams, etc. Clients are advised to check with the professional body about exactly what evidence is needed (i.e. a report from a full diagnostic assessment or short exam access arrangement assessment) and whether additional paperwork needs to be completed for which there may be an additional cost.


For individuals, the £75 non-refundable deposit is paid through using the online booking system. The balance must be paid before or on the assessment date via cash, cheque, BACS or debit / credit card (via emailed payment link). The balance can alternatively be paid in instalments as long as the full amount is received by the assessment date. Education providers and employers are asked to settle payment within 30 days of the invoice date via the above payment methods. 

Please see the very last FAQ HERE regarding my cancellation policy.