What is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD?)

There's more than one type! Some people have the hyperactive-impulsive type who may feel like they've a motor inside, always be on the go, find it hard to relax, find it hard to stay in a queue, interrupt others without meaning to, consistently fiddle and be fidgety. However, there's also the inattentive type (used to be called ADD but this is no longer diagnosed) where someone may zone out, procrastinate, flit between tasks, become bored easily, be distracted by noise/movement around them, find it hard to manage their time and belongings. This type can go under the radar yet it really impacts daily life. Some people may have both types (known as 'combined'). For ADHD to be a possibility, there must be challenges in at least two settings such as home and school/in the workplace and date back to childhood...although some adults will outgrow the hyperactive-impulsive symptoms. 

With the people you've seen who have ADHD, what kinds of jobs do they do? 

Such a wide range! Generally, I've found that people with ADHD thrive in jobs where there's variety and every day's different. I've seen a couple of A&E consultants who love to be kept on their feet not knowing who's about to come through the door, paramedics, teachers, sports coaches, the most creative people, interior designers and retail managers. Famous people with ADHD include Jim Carey, Steven Spielberg, Louis Smith, George Bush, Jamie Oliver and Dav Pilkey (Captain Underpants author).