What is dyspraxia / developmental coordination disorder (DCD)?

Someone with dyspraxia / developmental coordination disorder will have a history of motor skill challenges, such as handwriting, using cutlery, throwing / catching a ball, riding a bike, learning to drive, cooking, etc. that date back to before the age of 12 but it also impacts planning and organisation which can have a profound effect on daily life.

With the people you've seen who have dyspraxia, what kinds of jobs do they do?

It can be helpful to know that having a specific learning difficulty doesn't that you can't achieve your goals. I've seen many people with dyspraxia including a couple of surgeons, secondary school teachers, events organisers, counsellors. and a couple of well known comedians. .

Famous people with dyspraxia/DCD who haven't let their difficulties hold them back include Daniel Radcliffe, Stephen Fry, Richard Branson, Einstein (couldn't tie his laces as a child or adult), Isaac Newton, Emily Bronte, Picasso and Ellis Genge (English rugby union player).