Privacy policy

Sarah McCahon Dyslexia Services is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ref: ZA104580)

Why I collect personal data and what I do with it

I collect personal data for the purpose of organising and conducting assessments and writing reports. I retain it for as long as necessary for the purpose it was intended.

If you share documents in addition to family and school questionnaires, I will read these and then delete these immediately (unless previously discussed) to avoid holding onto surplus personal data, especially when summaries from these documents can instead be captured within the family and school questionnaires.

Assessment notes and test papers are cross-cut shredded when reports are sent.


Distribution and retention of full diagnostic reports

Under 17s

If your child/young person is aged 17 or younger, full diagnostic reports and letters will be sent only to you to share as appropriate. Others who have parental responsibility for your child/young person will have a legal right to the report being shared with them on request and so will the young person aged 12+.


If you’re aged 18+, the report will be sent only to you. For an additional fee of £50, you can ask for an ‘executive summary’ which is a shorter version of the report that takes out most personal information, details of the individual tasks, the scores obtained, etc. This can be useful for sharing with a current or potential employer if you don’t wish to provide the full report.                                                         

For all ages where assessments are being paid by third parties

Full diagnostic reports will be sent only to you as the data subject of the report (or the parent/legal guardian of if aged 17 or under). If the third party requires a copy of the report, it will be for the third party to agree this with you, such as asking you to give me written permission to share it with them.

Retention of reports

I strongly suggest that you keep a secure copy of the report. Copies of reports are securely kept for 6 years for adults or until children turn 25. These timescales are set by the Limitations Act 1980 where data protection principles allow retention of records for as long as necessary to be able to defend myself against a complaint or claim.  


Exam access arrangements

Schools and colleges may send me JCQ form 8 (for GCSE/A’ level exam access arrangements) to complete and this will be sent directly back to the school/college.                             


Children's access to personal data

The Information Commissioner’s Office deems that children around the age of 12 with capacity have various rights including the right to understand how their personal data will be used and therefore I give them the choice to be involved in the assessment feedback. They can also ask for copies of their personal data (i.e., their report), have inaccurate personal data rectified, etc. More information can be found HERE. They also have the right to allow parents to exercise their rights on their behalf.


Sharing of personal data

Personal data is not used for direct marketing by myself or shared with third parties to do so.

Data about individuals is not shared unless a) there’s serious concern about your or someone else’s safety and b) information is requested by a court or a person who has parental responsibility in the eyes of the law.